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GE Types

DC Contactor ZJQ1XX

ZJQ Contactors are designed for use in DC applications,with battery or rectified power.They perform power switching functions for traction drives are well as pump motor and other electric vehicle power switching operations.
The contactors have been successfully applied to meet Underwirter's Laboratories,Factory Mutual,automotive and government standards.
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Basic Technical Parameters (at normal conditions)
Electric Parameters
Contact type A set of conversion contacts Instantaneous maxi (closing) current 7Ie,≤1s
Rated voltage of contacts (DC) ≤80V Insulation resistance(MΩ) ≥100
Rated current of contacts (A) 150 Dielectric withstand voltage 1500V,p.f. 1min, no breakdown
Voltage drop on contacts(mV) ≤80 Electric cycles (104) ≥2
Coil voltage specification(DC) 12V, 24V, 48V, 72V etc Mechanical cycles (104) ≥30
DC power consumption of coil (W) ≤11 Temperature rise on outgoing terminal ≤65
Pickup voltage(DC) ≤70%Us Temperature rise of coil(K) ≤85
Release voltage(DC) ≥5%Us;≤40%Us Insulation grade of enameled wire Class B (130°C)
Pickup time(ms) ≤50 Material of contact AgCuO(10)/Cu
Release time(ms) ≤50 Working duty Continuous operating duty
Mechanical/Ambient Conditions
Torque of outgoing
terminal  on contact M8(N.m)
≯7.0N appropriate Protection grade IP50
Torque of outgoing
terminal  on coil M5(N.m)
≯2.5N appropriate Mounting methods Freely
Working temperature (-25~+55)°C Vibration Sine shock: 2.5g, (5~50) Hz
Mounting altitude ≤2Km Impact 50g,11ms(Half sine)
Conversion Table for Coil Specification(20°C)
Voltage(V) Coil resistance(1±10%)Ω Voltage(V) Coil resistance(1±10%)Ω
12 3.95 60 94.7
24 15.5 72 136.4
48 60.6 80 168.4


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