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Electric Forklift

The electric forklifts are the top choice now because they can quickly and safely move heavy loads to high places. Plus, they don't produce any emissions or make much noise. However, this also means that there are higher requirements, especially when it comes to simultaneous traveling and lifting, as well as emergency stops. These electric trucks operate at the usual voltage levels with currents of up to 300 A.

The modern industrial trucks have three-phase motors controlled by an inverter, which includes a drive motor and a lift motor. These motors are responsible for the movement of the vehicle and lifting loads.However, if there is a technical issue with the semiconductor in the inverter, it may not be possible to switch off the motors when needed. This means that even if the driver wants to stop or there is an obstacle in the way,the vehicle will continue moving or lifting loads. To address this problem, an emergency-stop switch is installed. When activated, it causes a contactor controlled by central electronics to drop out.This effectively disconnects the entire vehicle from power supply and eliminates any potential danger. The contactor serves as a backup solution on the DC side when there is a malfunctioning inverter.

sw60 dccontactor

What do the Kangnet SW NO contactors do?
1.In normal operation: As a main contactor in industrial trucks, it connects the battery and drive unit and, if required, it can disconnect the connection securely: both in normal operation (battery discharge) and during the charging process.
2.Emergency disconnection: The contactor disconnects the entire vehicle from the power supply and induces a safe state.
3.In the event of service: In service mode and during maintenance, there are various test steps to be performed in which the contactor must switch.
4.Factory holidays or lengthy downtimes: The contactor disconnects the battery pack from the vehicle drive. Therefore, battery discharge from silent consumers (standby currents of control units), for example, can be prevented.

sw200 <a href= target='_blank'>DC Contactor</a>

Why DC Contactors SW series are used here:

1.Cost-optimised contact system: adjusted material usage (e.g. with silver and copper), optimised for target service life
2.Sealed design: Dust and dirt cannot enter (IP 40)
3.Double break contact through bridge contact
4.Contact system is designed for the new service life requirements of electric industrial trucks

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