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DC Contactors | Contactors and Starters | Kangnet

DC Contactor-Kangnet

Kangnet offers a robust line of DC Contactors ranging from 10 A to 1000 A, 12 V to 220 V
for your diverse industrial applications.Designed for demanding environments including high shock vibration applications and
high temperatures of up to 180 degrees C.

DC Contactor-Low Voltage Stud

Designed to be used in a variety of applications including electric vehicles,materials handling equipment, winches, Hydraulic Power Packs, Engine Starting,Standby Power, Lighting applications, Telecommunications and D.C. System Electrics.

DC Contactor-Low Voltage Busbar

Designed for use in Power Distribution and Telecommunication applications where an uninterrupted load is switched.

DC Contactor-Motor Reversing

Designed for applications such as winches and direction controllers


DC Contactor-Waterproof type

Environmentally protected to IP66 or IP67 these are suitable for marine and arduous environment applications and include low voltage stud and motor reversing type contactors

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