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Double Pole Power Connectors Use for Forklift Car RV Battery UPS Inverter

Kangnet CHJ connectors feature a rugged one piece plastic housing using stainless steel springs to retain the contacts and create the “contact force” that provides extremely low resistance enabling greater electrical efficiency. The CHJ connectors are also genderless (flip one 180 degrees and they will mate to each other) reducing the customer’s bill of materials and providing greater economies of scale when purchasing.The CHJ series of connectors range in size from CHJ50 to the CHJ350. Each family size offers color-coded, mechanically keyed housings designed to prevent both visually and physically cross-mating devices with different voltages. All the connectors are UL rated to 600 volts so the keys and colors are just identifiers to prevent accidents. Contacts are traditionally Silver plated to minimize electrical resistance while offering supreme durability and reliability.

Double Pole Connectors

Note 1: This connector does not distinguish between male and female. Connectors of the same amperage and color can be connected to each other.

Note 2: Different colors cannot be connected


Model : 50A/120A/175A/350A

Color : Red/Gray

Interface type: AC or DC

Rated voltage: 600V

Working Temperature:-25℃-105 ℃

Shell material: PC UL94V0

Terminals material: Silver-plated Copper

Shrapnel material: 65Mn Steel

Package: 1 piece connector contains 1 plastic shell and 2 silver-plated copper terminals

Specification Table

Rated current (A)

Rated voltage (V)

Terminal maternal

Plastic shell material

Internal shrapnel

Environment temperature(℃)

Connector specification(AWG)

Connector specification(mm²)



Silver-plated Copper

UL94 V-0



10,8,7,6 AWG

8-16 mm²


6,4,2 AWG

16-35 mm²


4,2,1,0 AWG

25-50 mm²


2,0 AWG

35-70 mm

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