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Emergency Disconnect


The ED252 range of switches have been designed to provide a rapid means of disconnecting batteries or other power supplies in the event of serious electrical faults.  Whilst the switches are primarily intended for use with battery powered vehicles they are also suitable for use with static power systems.  All types are capable of safely rupturing full load battery currents in the event of an emergency.

The ED252 is a manually operated device with an over-centre spring mechanism which provides a snap action for both opening and closing of the main contacts.  The ED252 is easy to install (see drilling details) and is secured with supplied M5 posidrive mounting screws.   The ED252 is fully serviceable with genuine replacement parts available.

  • Product Detail
InterruptedRating ( Ith )Uninterrupted
Thermal Current Rating - 250A
Intermittent Current Rating:
30% Duty - 455A
40% Duty - 395A
50% Duty - 355A
60% Duty - 325A
70% Duty - 300A
Rated Fault Current Breaking Capacity (Icn) 5ms Time Constant:
Blowouts 1500A at 96V D.C.
No Blowouts 1500A at 48V D.C.
Rated Fault Current Breaking Capacity (Icn) Resistive Load:
Blowouts -
No Blowouts -
Maximum Recommended Contact Voltages
Blowouts - 96V
No Blowouts - 48V
Typical Voltage Drop per pole across New Contacts at 250A 40mV
Mechanical Durability > 100,000 Cycles
Coil Voltage Available (Us) (Rectifier board required for A.C.) 0 - 0V



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