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The products are mainly used to control switching on/off of power supply of storage battery car, electric forklift, electric winch, electric car, excavator, air conditioner in vehicle, power source
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Basic Technical Parameters (at normal conditions)
Electric Parameters
Contact type One pair of bridge type moving 
open (NO) contacts
Instantaneous maxi (closing) current 800A, ≤1s
Rated voltage of contacts (DC) ≤80V Insulation resistance(MΩ) ≥100
Rated current of contacts (A) 200 Dielectric withstand voltage 1500V,p.f. 1min, no breakdown
Voltage drop on contacts(mV) ≤80(at 100A) Electric cycles (104) ≥2
Coil voltage specification(DC) 15V Mechanical cycles (104) ≥30
DC power consumption of coil (W) ≤9.0 Temperature rise on outgoing terminal ≤65
Pickup voltage(DC) ≤70%Ue(Positive power up) Temperature rise of coil(K) ≤85
Release voltage(DC) ≥5%Ue;≤40%Us Insulation grade of enameled wire Class B (130°C)
Pickup time(ms) ≤30 Material of contact AgCuO(10)/Cu
Release time(ms) ≤50 Working duty Continuous operating duty
Mechanical/Ambient Conditions
Torque of outgoing terminal 
on contact M8(N.m)
≯8.5N appropriate Protection grade IP50
Coil lead end thickness(mm) ≯1.2 appropriate Mounting methods Freely
Working temperature (-25~+55)°C Vibration Sine shock: 2.5g, (5~50) Hz
Mounting altitude ≤2Km Impact 50g,11ms(Half sine)
Conversion Table for Coil Specification(20°C)
Voltage(V) Coil resistance(1±10%)Ω Voltage(V) Coil resistance(1±10%)Ω
12 20.9 36 174
15 32 48 288.3
24 84.5 60 511


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