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PowerSeal Family Contactors

The case for the Kangnet Continuous Duty PowerSeal is environmentally sealed - it passes IEC 60529, IP66 and IP67. 
It is the frst contactor designed specifcally for electric vehicles and the applications requiring tough environmental conditions. 
The PowerSeal is available in the 12 volt intermittent duty or the 12 volt to 48 volt continuos duty. 
The environmental seal is the centerpiece of the optimized design for higher performance and lower cost.
Specifc applications that the PowerSeal powerfully supports include: electri pallet jacks, forktrucks, foor scrubbers, utility 
vehicles, and golf carts. Whatever electric vehicles require effcient, powerful performance, Kangnet’s PowerSeal is 
the optimized solution。
  • Product Detail

The PowerSeal family includes the intermittent and continuous duty versions of this product; each is utilized in their own distinct market spaces. Both the Intermittent and Continuous duty PowerSeals are certified for RoHS.

Intermittent Duty

  • Carry Current 150 Amps, Inrush 800 Amps
  • Available in 12 or 24 Volts

The power you need for high amperage applications along with the sealed construction gives the PowerSeal its name. The PowerSeal’s unique design gives it the longevity to last and be used in the harshest environmental conditions. Intermittent duty PowerSeals are used on hydraulic power packs, RVs, heavy truck starting and grid heaters, and lawn and garden applications.

Continuous Duty

  • Current 150 Amps, Inrush 800 Amps (depending on voltage and design)
  • Available in 12 volts, 15 volts, 24 volts, 36 volts, and 48 volts

The Continuous Duty PowerSeal is the first contactor designed specifically for electric vehicles and applications requiring resistance to tough environmental conditions. The environmental seal is the centerpiece of the optimized design for higher performance and lower cost.

Basic Technical Parameters (at normal conditions)
Electric Parameters
Contact type One pair of bridge type moving
open (NO) contacts
Instantaneous maxi (closing) current 800A, ≤1s
Rated voltage of contacts (DC) ≤80V Insulation resistance(MΩ) ≥100
Rated current of contacts (A) 200 Dielectric withstand voltage 1500V,p.f. 1min, no breakdown
Voltage drop on contacts(mV) ≤80(at 100A) Electric cycles (104) ≥2
Coil voltage specification(DC) 15V Mechanical cycles (104) ≥30
DC power consumption of coil (W) ≤9.0 Temperature rise on outgoing terminal ≤65
Pickup voltage(DC) ≤70%Ue(Positive power up) Temperature rise of coil(K) ≤85
Release voltage(DC) ≥5%Ue;≤40%Us Insulation grade of enameled wire Class B (130°C)
Pickup time(ms) ≤30 Material of contact AgCuO(10)/Cu
Release time(ms) ≤50 Working duty Continuous operating duty
Mechanical/Ambient Conditions
Torque of outgoing terminal
on contact M8(N.m)
≯8.5N appropriate Protection grade IP50
Coil lead end thickness(mm) ≯1.2 appropriate Mounting methods Freely
Working temperature (-25~+55)°C Vibration Sine shock: 2.5g, (5~50) Hz
Mounting altitude ≤2Km Impact 50g,11ms(Half sine)
Conversion Table for Coil Specification(20°C)
Voltage(V) Coil resistance(1±10%)Ω Voltage(V) Coil resistance(1±10%)Ω
12 20.9 36 174
15 32 48 288.3
24 84.5 60 511

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